Magnets: A Hands-On Activity

Magnets: A Hands-On Science Unit for Primary
This hands-on science unit is packed with engaging, hands-on lessons for teaching primary students about magnets. It was designed with first grade in mind, but it would be appropriate for other primary grade levels as well. Preview a lesson to see how it fits your students--Just click the "Download a Sample" link. Activities include:
  • Lesson 1 - To Stick or Not to Stick
    Students use magnets to experiment with metal and nonmetal objects and record data.
  • Lesson 2 –, Amazing Magnets
    Students use magnets to navigate objects through obstacle courses and around designs.
  • Lesson 3 –, Mighty Magnets I
    Students will investigate the varying strength of magnets and record data.
  • Lesson 4 –, Mighty Magnets II
    Students explain observations from Mighty Magnets I by using the data to create picture graphs.
  • Lesson 5 –, Magnetic Attractions
    Students will make predictions about whether a magnet will go through each of the barriers, then observe and collect data.
  • Lesson 6 –, Magnet Magic
    Students use magnets to separate mixtures of metal and nonmetals, and record observations.
  • Lesson 7 –, Magnet Showtime
    Students create a story and present it to others by manipulating the characters with magnets.